Yes, I do!

14 Februari 2008, 19:47 Assalamu’alaykum

What do I say?


Breath,,leaves,,wind,,smooth rain

I love You

I love today,,

I love this day,,

How is today passing?

With woke up late,,but I already make an azzam to myself that I’ll read one juz of Qur’an today. Then I went to college, hurry in black black dress from TOP to Bottom, got into the car that my daddy drives.

I met my charming lady today,,and that she cries,,that she cried,,ououou,,

What an amazing story that she tell me,,

About the surgery,,

“When I look at even a pencil fell over from sumbodys table I wud hurry take and give it back. This is my time, I have to collect sum score, I cud die,,anytime,,”

“I dun wanna share, I always think that you and others have more time than me,,so, I only want Allah”

“When I finished my surgery and the doctor said that im totally secure, when I heard Adzan, feels like I wanna run to masjid and said ‘Allah,,Allah!!this is me,,! Im coming to you, thanks GOD u let me life again,,GOD, truly I am fallin in love to you, I Love You, Allah,,”

“u know a robot, Ai?we created it once, if that robot behave nicely we’ll like it, and gonna put on sum of its superiority more, when once that robot do sumthin bothered you, maybe u’ll gonna throw it up or switch of its battery, then if human feel this way,,what about Allah?”

“U know ur way, Ai, but dun wanna follow it, u want that way who follow u, while that impossible to be,,”


Please show me the way, lead me to the right path, dun ever let me go,,
I wanna find my way back,,into d light,,that shining brightly,,by ur love, GOD,,

Winds,,the clouds,,leaves,,
Air,,the rain,,

Yes, I do!

I do love You I Love You,,

I Love You,,Allah,,


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