Terimakasih Tuhan

Assalamu’alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

Friday, 29 februari 2008.

God, Allah thanks for giving me a wonderful friday coz i met several of my new friend.

My mentor-kids.

Our agenda is only introduction. And as i remember, there is Sel, a sanguin but depends on the situation, Ami, she is from my neighbor highschool, Hasna that come from Aaliyah, Pui whose hobby is read out teen lit, Sri that stay in Cijerah, and the cute Anggi.

In the end of our Discussion, i ask them to write down their hope in this mentoring, and here they are

“I hope so that from this mentoring, i get some knowledge and find out friends to disscuss with”

A place to ask several of things that im not really know or sharing,,,”

“Add new knowledges from all sides”

“get more knowledge, be a better person

“the hope are be better person, get new friends and more knowledge

“my hope is get more knowledge bout religi”

OK, i already got all, now let me conlude those things above.

So, our hope in this mentoring group are:

“Get more knowledge, get closer to new friends, be a better person, share some piece of lesson in life”

Very well then, we’ll going to work this out together, gal!

And i pray to you, GOD, please let us be in ur bless always, in every of our steps. Ameen.


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