My 21st Birthday (part 1)

Assalamu’alaykum Warahmatullahi wabarakatuh wamaghfirahu waridwanahu


From movie terminator 3.. “,,in a few times, the whole of things that u didnt grateful in life wont exist,, the end of the world is coming,,”.

Betapa, saya sering mengeluh dalam hidup. Jika kita ingat mati itu dekat, bukankah lebih baik saya bersyukur? Karena,,

“Terkadang hidup tidakseindah yg kita bayangkan, karena terkadang hidup lebih indah dari yang kita bayangkan”.


27 Agustus 2008.

I have a very wonderful time at 27 Agustus 2008. Its yesterday, Wednesday. Its my birthday.

I gathered with my syi’ar team of LDFMiPA. Having a lunch together in Taman Ganesa.

Rafqi, dew and Dwi ordered the lunch box. Fazri and Naldy bought the drink. When i came to Taman Ganesa after my class, there’s only Rafqi and Dewi then one by one came and we moved to a better place.

The lunch opened by Naldi who read Qur’an and Rezha do the saritilawah. Then i talked about my journey in life from child to this age while they eat.

What so suprising me is they gimme present! Subhanallah! Remember to what my friend said last year “Dont see the gift, but feel that there is people who care to you”. Thanks my team. Thank You, Thank You. Jazaakumullah khair.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. -syiar bahagia- says:

    teh ndari…
    mana niyh postingan barunya??

  2. nurulwidya.. says:

    bagarahyo teh ndari…huhuu…

  3. sundariekowati says:

    Assalamu’alaykum. Hehehe,,uL,,
    u r the last one who came yah uL?
    maybe i need to add,,

    And then, we moved to a better place. After we moved, Nurul came,,a half running,,heuheu,,

    -Mohon maaf utk adik2 yg namanya g bs aku sebutkan satu per satu-


  4. nurulwidya.. says:

    nama ku kok ga ada??


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