From Jl. Purwakarta No. 200 Griya Bumi Antapani Bandung!

Its, Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Accompanied  by “Tell Me Something I Don’t Know”  by Selena Gomez,

Its me, Ai, in CC Barat ITB, writing down my story, typing my script, thinking about my life, wondering my destiny in a couple of years later.

Its Sunday, May 3, 2009. When my wonderful day begin.

Mengerjap, menyingkap selimut malam, melarikan diri ke kamar mandi dan se-bebek-bebek-nya membersihkan diri. Its gonna be an important day for me!

Dan suara ayah yang terus-terus memanggil dengan sabar.
Dengan agak gemes kubilang, ‘‘Ih kenapa sih panggil-panggil? udah bangun kok!’’.

“Gimana bahan-nya sudah dipersiapkan?”, Tanya beliau.
Aku melengos ke kamar rias, memakai kerudung lantas solat subuh.

“Makan dulu, Ndar!”, ucap ibuku. ‘Weleh!’, batinku.

“Ya Yuk! Tolong bikinkan mie goreng pake telor trus diwadahin ke tupperwear”, kataku.

“Oh, dibekal toh?”, ibuku menimpali.

It’s a great day that I don’t prepare well, and my daddy just right. And I have to give a burden to him to drive the car faster and faster. What an ungreatful child, I am!

Im taking deep deep deep breath and up the stairs, looking at a dark room, and think that the previous program is still running. I sat on the chairs, waiting someone that I thought would be on the room get out. And no one get out.

I knocked the door, and asked the operator, “Its already the time for me?”.

He answered, “Get in to the room now!”. ‘Oh My GOSH!’, im kinda surprise. I thought, somebody else is still in the room. If I knew earlier that the room was empty, I could prepare my paper more. Now its suppose to be ‘Aksi cepat Tanggap tanpa Gagap”’.

So, I entered the room. Turned the lamp on, take a seat, put off my laptop, open some sites, open my binder, wear my headset, check the mic, and..

“Bismillahirrohmaanirrohiim. Assalamu’alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh!

From Jalan Purwakarta No. 200 Griya Bumi Antapani Bandung. Para Kanca, this is PBR Special English Programme with me Kartini Aisya”. That’s my smiley voice!

From 7-9 am in a studio and I asked the operator to turn the AC off, coz im kinda have an allergic on AC. Its gonna turn my mood off, off and off.

Its my first day announcing in 103,9 fm. This suppose to be my great day, coz I have never been MC-ing alone. For my debute, I accompanied by Kanca Siar [operator] which is Kang Ochan, “How r you kang Ochan?”, I asked him, and could u hear his voice? Yea! He said, “Im fine. Thank You”.

When I took my chance to have a duet with my senior, Cemut, she told me that, “Kamu siaran kayak lagi nge-MC, ya?”. Well,,well,,

Lets see my track record. Hm, actually, announcing is not a really new thing for me if we see that from the point of public speaking. It’s a new ranah da’wah [cieeh,,!]. What I have done all this time is become a master of ceremony in some formal event, and once in an informal event which is not going so well, be a moderator in some event too. Singing from stage to stage [trust me! Hehe]. However, i’m kinda nervous to have my first day announcing in Panorama Bandung Special Program.

Hm, when i’m MC-ing, I sometimes feel nervous too, and what I usually do is look at the audience in front of me. And now, in the studio, there no faces that I could see to lower my nervousness. “Relax, Ai, just control ur voice as if u r MC-ing, this what the radio station expect from u”, I talked to myself.

Then I started my engine! Trying to be in a pitch and some script that I made the day before.

“Beautiful morning, beautiful Sunday and beautiful Holiday!”, that’s gonna be my words in every my show time.

Trying to not losing control, not speak too fast, having a some tricky words when I translate.

Hm, that my first day. I’ll do better in the next next day. Please pray for me, that I’ll be what Im suppose to. Wish that I could pursuing my dream, it’s a step ahead, it’s a journey and my story is still continue, tiil dunno when…

Its 3.25 pm now. The rain is falling over now along with the closing of “August Rhapsody”.

Anyone of you, please remind me to read and to write a better things! Thank You!


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