I’ll Make it Go Away

It’s too late to regret
Coz even some strangers is reading my face
Coz there, the eyes cant lie, my speak cant ever pretend, this gesture is proving

It’s great to have a moment that makes me so hard to believe
When somebody bringing back the real me, without judgement

It’s too late to hide

Since I can’t turn back the time to where it began
It was hard to decide what’s right, coz something clouding up my mind

If you say,
I wonder what might happened if I let this all behind
Would the wind be at my back
Could I get you off my mind?

Then, You don’t know how long I have waited for you

If you say,
Help me leave behind some, don’t resent me
when ur feeling empty, keep in ur memories, leave out all the rest

You know,
The truth is hiding in your eyes
Its hanging on ur tounge
Just boiling in my blood
But you think that I can’t see

But i,,
I’m gonna make it go away
I’m gonna make it go away now,,

I’ll set u free


4 thoughts on “I’ll Make it Go Away

  1. qisthi says:

    never. never look back. just keep moving forward. if it’s your true destiny,then there would be a miracle give it back to you. bring it into your now, even it was your past. no matter what, there can be a miracle, when you believe..

    now, just keep smile and fight, facing this life.. =)
    and don’t ever look back. don’t even think about it.

  2. gemintangnissa says:

    hmmmm,,,i can feel ur feeling at that time,maybe my words look silly but i really can feel that if i were u..not easy to pass it.but u must be strong,when u have pass this well ul be thank to god..semangat teh jodoh ga kan kemana

    • sundariekowati says:

      Jodoh? jodoh dan selalu jodoh? HaH! hehe, ketara banget ya itu tentang ‘someone’, hehe.
      Gemintangnissa, bagus banget namanya, ini siapa, ya? teh Ai, kayaknya baru dengar sekarang namanya.
      Punya blog juga atau facebook, ga? supaya bisa sharing-sharing lebih banyak. 🙂
      Hm, ‘I must Be Strong’? ya! do’akan ya supaya bisa istiqomah. Ketika kita makin dewasa, Gemintang, maka ‘puppy love’ yang kita rasakan juga akan lebih dewasa, akan lebih sedikit waktu buat kita ber-mellow ria, kita akan lebih berpikir follow-up diri.
      Makasi ya Gemintang!

  3. radit says:

    You’re combining all the lyrics from the OST Twilight and August Rush he???
    Just try to get focused on what you have planned for your life okay!?
    Don’t let anyone or anything be on your way to get there…
    Let it go…
    Let it go…
    Let it go…
    I’m sure,you’ll find a better one in the future…
    Have faith on that,my friend…

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