Hola Ramadhan!

So, this is a very random thought, and a spontaneous action.
Coz my tumblr isnt working, and I got a lot of things to say. 😀

After almost resigning and ignoring and never opening my blog again,
having no choice, I choose to say Hallo to my wordpress again!

And Hola Ramadhan!.

Yep, today is the first day of fasting moment in Ramadhan.
Refreshing my last Ramadhan, I should’ve gain many energy in this Ramadhan and become a better person.

Making some target, reminded by a friend, who post his Ramadhan target on Twitter.

Well though, I have a slice of story for this morning.
Its still 10.00 am in my office.
People just come, and the atmosfer just get a lil warmed up.

I begin this Ramadhan by having incomplete taraweh,
why do I said that? coz I do munfarid taraweh without finish it wiht witir (hehehehe).

Dont want to push myself to hard, so, lets take it slow but sure.

I sleep quite early, like around 11 pm,
coz I want to have enough sleep.

At 3.30 am, my door knocked out by Mba Yati,
the maid in the kost I live.

So, its like spending an hour and a half,
eating happily those friend chiken and tempe goreng! 😀
And also, she served us sayuuuurrr.
Wow! how nice, its the best sahur ever.

Hopefuly, the next days would fulfiil by many rocks foods!
Yeah! ^^d

There only my friend, Dina, and me,
who having the sahur properly.
So we spend all the ayam and tempe goreng together.

One word,
so delicious! 🙂

Happy fasting everyone! May this Ramadhan bless us.

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