They said, “Don’t sweat the small stuff”.

I complete it to be, “Don’t sweat the small stuff in a relationship”.

I have been learning and seeing that, when a couple go for a fight,
it doesnt caused by a big problem, but it came from a tiny lil things,
that become a huge matter.

Such a lil things, mostly grow a conflict if we cant catch up whats on it,
or be wise, and seeng the things clearly.

Woman need affection while man need trust.
This is not an easy knowledge to explore.
We need months, even year, to know someone better and understand that person properly, accept other person as they are, and growing up with them.
Coz we oursleves arent perfect.

So, man and woman was united to make each other better.

let us trying to see the big picture in our relationship.
Dont sweat some small stuff.
Be good, and trusted.


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