Coffee Hours.

So, its like a coffee time for everyone.

Let’s have a ship of coffee today!

Im not a fan of coffee, actually.
But I dunno why,
some of  my friends love it.

Its like they cannot live without it.

Every morning,
even at sahur time,
they will have their coffee brewing with a hot water,
and begin to drink it slowly.

They said, the caffein in the coffee help them to stay awake
and dont feel sleep at work.

Well, it might be true, coz the caffein help the vein getting larger,
and so that, it makes the eyes see things more clear.

But as for me, it doesnt help.
I used to get daze when I drink coffee.

But sometime, I also have a cup of coffee just for fun, just to taste it.
It just feel so cool to drink it.

Well, coffee is a nice drink.
But if I may suggest u, dont get it too much,
coz u might be addicted on it.

And too much caffein wont be good for our health.



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