One mellow day

Today, August 24th.
I here by this day as a mellow day! ahiak! 😀

So it start when, last night i recognize, somebody gonna fly to his homeland.
And I feel so alone, so lost.

Oh why? There is nothing to do with it. And nothing is related to it.

Im telling my friend whom i chat with last night,
that, “If u want to get marry soon, u should be as soon as possible,
drag yourself to be a mature, independent woman”.

I also convince myself about it.
Oo Lord! Please make my wish come true. Amin.

Hmmm, random talks. Well, Im telling her to seperarte between her problems,
& her problem with her boyfriend.

I said, “All the things that u experienced in life since u was child,
has nothing to do with him”.

“So, u have to try to fix ur problem by urself”,

“And it is not fair for blaming your boyfriend”.

Ah, enough with a boyfriendshit, hehe. Its just a lullaby.

Well, all its time to make peace to urself.
Put urself away from anything that related to human. And focus on The GOD.

Really? Ohoho, lets see, could it work out?



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