Bila Allah tak memberimu seseorang yg engkau impikan,
semoga Allah menghadirkan seseorang yg memimpikanmu.

Bila Allah tak memberimu seseorang yg engkau rindukan,
semoga Allah menghadirkan seseorang yg merindukanmu.

Bila Allah tak memberimu seseorang yg engkau dambakan,
semoga Allah memberimu seseorang yg mendambakanmu.

Bila Allah tak menyatukanmu dengan seseorang yg engkau cintai,
semoga Allah menghadirkan seseorang yg mencintaimu
yang bukan menerimamu karena apa yg ada padamu,
tapi apa adanya dirimu..

Allah akan selalu memberikan yg terbaik buat kita.
Istikharahkan cintamu pada-Nya.

Karena jodohmu takkan jauh sifat pribadinya sepertimu


Banyak gengsi tidak akan jadi kaya.
Tapi kalau sudah kaya pasti bergengsi.
-Merry Riana

Beneran ngakak deh baca ini.
Tuuuul banget!

Jadi jangan gengsi-gengsi sekarang,
atau kata orang tua sih, “Jangan gede gengsi”,
artinya jangan sok sombong, sok punya duit, sok dandan.

Mending sekarang berupaya jadi keren,
toh kalau sudah keren dan sudah sugih kita akan dipandang sebagai seseorang yang punya gengsi. Dengan arti kata gengsi yang positif.


*Catatan: kaya itu bukan hanya kaya harta, tapi kaya hati 🙂

The Alibi

This film are truly brilliant!

But I don’t think that the Gypsy girl is Gypsy enough.
She is just too much beauty and not looks clumsy or gothic.
*atau saya yang sotoy :p

Tidak ada kalimat yang tertancap di kepala sepanjang menonton film ini,
becoz it move fast, and we were drag to enjoy the film. A little interupt would means a lot to ruin a concentration while watching this.

I don’t mind to watch it again, coz it’s actually, as I said, is really good.

ceritanya, sok-sok ngajak temen-temen nonton di Ex, which my other friend told me, Ex is in PI. So I think, Ex is the name of the cinema in Plaza Indonesia.

And Tadaaa!
I came there with a bunch of confident, after rolling around in a big-confusing mall, and try some escalator, play with the direction and LOST! I finally feel I am in the right place. 🙂

And as the time count,

Ai, kamu dimana?”, my friend asked.

Di belokan ke studio 1“, I said.

Aku di depan studi 1“, he replied.

And I moved my leg to the door of studio 1.
And find out that the door is close.

Keknya kamu di bioskop PI deh, bukan Ex“, he said again.

“Eeerrrr,,,,”, check mate!
I’m wrong! Tadaaaa! I’m in the wrong place.
I don’t want to admit it, but yes I do, I’m in the wrong place,
worse I have no alibi to excuse coz the movie are about to start in a few seconds. So, what can I do is run fast to the Ex XXI cinema. 😀

Oh Dear!
Ngga lagi-lagi sok-sok  ngajak orang nonton in random place I havent know before. Hahaha. And suprisingly, my 2 other friends are in the right cinema when I came in. They didn’t get lost. Woooow SALUTE!

Cudn’t say much about this movie.
Just it’s sooo good! 🙂

Bobi & Banana

These are my lil sisters accompanionship.
The teddy bear one is Bobi, and the other one is Banana.

I bought Bobi for her present from Jakarta.
While I won the banana doll, on the ‘undian’,
when I’m attending a parenting seminar in Binabany Galery.
Ehehe, how lucky I am.

She played with these dolls, as if they are living things,
she offer them to eat and remind them to take their milk,
she is even bring Bobi to bath and wash his head,
it’s wet once and I use hair dryer to make it dry.

Ahaha, my lil sister is so hyperactive,
she do many experimental thing with her things.

Arent these dolls cute?


Today’s Quotte

الابتلاء في الحياة ليس اختبارا لقوتك الذاتية
بل إنه اختبار لقوة استعانتك بالله.

Cobaan dalam hidup bukanlah (untuk) menguji kekuatan diri mu
Tetapi cobaan hidup adalah (untuk) menguji
kekuatan isti’aanah (meminta pertolongan) mu kepada Allah