Di Kantor

L: Kamu pernah ga sih stress gara-gara kerjaan?
L: U seem taking care of ur job well.

Me: *nyengir*

Hmm, actually, I don’t have (Alhamdulillah) problems with the job I’m doing.
My job is, lemme say, a quite safe job. Where the load isn’t that high, paid well, and has a human time. We have a friendly office hour.

Why would I choose this job?
Because I’m not brave enough to choose what I want.
I consider myself that what I’m doing right now,
isn’t the things I love most.

But out of my imagination about how this kind of job going to work out,
I learn a lot. And meet many new people from all over Indonesia.
Also some important people from the government.


Hmm, well, still, I think every office has it’s own uniqueness.
What I mean by uniqueness is that, every working place has it’s own story.
Whether your desk is full of overload paper, or you neighborhood likes to cheat on your work and claim it as her’s/his’s.

Naaah, in the place I work,
we have a bossy egocentric bos!!!

But in a good way, coz he is are acting rudely to all of us.
It makes a solidarity comes up between the workers.

So we love to help and protect each other.
Another issues is rarely blow up.

We used to tease each other just to show how close we are to one another.

And that’s things make me grateful to work with those great people! šŸ™‚


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