Focus all your energy on something you can actually control,
instead of dwelling on things you can’t.

Just read that sentence above when blog walking.
And yes, im going to plant that thought into my mind.

There’s a new girl at the dorm, and I come to build
a good neighborrhood with her by some chat.
Girl chat. Never ending one, took a long night,
and talking none other but LOVE.

Wh0 doesnt like to talk about love?
it’s the easier issue we could probably excitedly talk about,

“So, I used to remembered this guy, though Im having a new guy right now”, she said.

“The way I think, the way I speak, has been influenced much by him.
So that my new guy keep complaining to me, of why do I act that way?
I plotted to the previous one. And I said, this is me, I used to talk, act, and think this way when I was with my ex. So this character came naturally”, she continued.

‘wow! that’s terrible’, my first impression would be this sentence.
But I know how bad it would be heard, so I asked,
“Where is your ex now?”

“He married now, already have kid”, she answered.

Ow ow ow! BIG ‘O’.
Never ever ever, deal with someone who already married.
That person is a TOTAL past.
Not exist anymore, not even to talk about, moreover to remembered by act, speak and think as that person.

Oh No! BIG ‘NO’.
You are not EVER going to DEAL WITH, married guy.
Can’t even think or believe that happen.

That person already have a new life, new family, new couple, and kid.
We cross the boundaries if we still locked to that person.
Or we might gone crazy if we still looking back on that previous person,
and not moving on.

Hello! Hellow! Hellooow!

“You are still young.
You still have many time to looking for your future Prince.
Its not that I dont looking for another one,
but just, Im searching, but havent find him yet”.

She has been through my age.
That’s why, she could say that.

And I see how strong she is.
I see that woman in the older age, are amazingly start enjoying their life
without worrying much about how things would happen to them,
in the future, or the pressure that really happening right now.

Play it cool.
That’s probably their motto.
And that’s true. In life, we should try to not think much about our worries,
and just let it flow. We are so lucky because Allah hugging our problems.

In the end, we’ll come to the conclusion that,
the key to survive in life, is, by tawakal.

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