Hang Out with Sissy

So, on saturday, I’m having a really fun time with my ‘lil sister.

We hang out to Ciwalk to see Garuda Di Dadaku 2.

While waiting for the film, we sat on the park, where a band played a lovely music. They are the students of Purwacaraka Music Studio.
They sang some old songs, and I enjoyed it.

Not for a long while, suddenly a man said,
“Selamat siang”, and sat beside me.

He wave his hand again to other people that passed by,
and said “Selamat siang”, again.

And he look at a sweet kiddo next to me,
and said, “Selamat siang”, again!!!

And that moment, I start to think, he probably wants to hypnotized.
‘I have to be careful’, I talked to myself.

And the he asked, “Ada acara apa ini?”, pointed out to the band.

“Saya kurang tau, Pak. Mungkin lomba”, I answered confusly.

“Jangan cepat-cepat. Saya sedang belajar bahasa Indonesia”, he said.


“Bapak orang mana?”, now my curiosity come up. Just to clean the air.

“Korea”, he smiling at me.

Oh, okay!
I miss understand, haha.
In short, we have a chat. He brought a Korean-Indonesian dictionary,
to look at, everytime he is not sure of what he says.

I just know a few words of Korean, though.
So, we exchange our number, and make a deal that,
next time, I will teach him more bahasa Indonesia, and he will teach me bahasa Korea. Hehehe, how nice! 🙂


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