After a while having a job, we will feel..

We dont feel fit with the job,
mostly with the boss,
the environmental.

It make us exhausted!
trap in routinity!

In the end we will recognize that:
“This is just not what I meant to be”,

“I dont belong here”,

“This job is SO NOT me!”,

If we still have a chance and a courage to decide what we want to do
and we brave anough to quit from the place we working right now,
go for it!

But remember..

Some people would dying to have a job.
And we forget how hard to get it.

After a while,
we will used to complaining about our job more,
than put a heart on it.


Not all people as lucky as us, to get a job.
Though we dont like what we do, probably,,,
Probably the God knows that we could learn something that different from our discipline, and Lord knows that we are above it.

There is something bigger inside us,
just waiting to be activate.

If the environment are still really nice,
and making our personality upgrade, be better, mature, more wise and loveable. Then, stay!

U dont know that in the end it’ll bring you to something good.
Whether its a networking, business, and a family.

U dont know how much people out there who dying to find a job.
U dont know how lucky u are.
U forget, to grateful.

We are greater than we thought.


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