Afternoon Cup Cakes

This is a kinda of boring afternoon, really.

I woke with full of regret this morning, after watching a marathon glee film from season 1 tiil season 2. And just asleep at 4 am.

I mean, I love Jesse St. James get along with Rachel Berry and Kurt with Blaine. But since I’m in love with both Jesse and Blaine, it feels like I just get divorced or something like that, from Blaine, when I wake up.


Anyway, I’m not really enjoyed the first season of Glee. And I dunno what’s the point of watching people singing from episodes to episodes, and the story is boring.

I also didn’t put much attention to the plot, except Rachel who seemed as ambitious as me. But then something about Kurt Hummel was touching my heart.

I think, it will be hard to be him. That he has to hide something and really struggle about it.

My passion watching Glee bust up, when there’s a warbler. Honestly, like my first thougts about McKinley’ Glee Club, I sort of says “What is this? A bunch of guys singing an acapella song!”. Just so not interesting.

But, hey! maybe that’s what love called. U cud be totally cool at the first time u saw, and it takes a while for u to catch the glance.

The songs that Blaine Anderson sing is actually GOOD. Still, I didn’t notice him.

He didn’t show anything, any good acting or any good in anything. Just flat.

Well, it turns out when “I have been looking for you forever”, he said to Kurt.

And since then, his acting is growing. He has those gorgeous eyes that sparks and speak a lot more than his mouth. Like really amazing and hypnotizing.

I love that he love Kurt.

Darren Criss play pretty well as an openly gay student, though he is straight in real life.

When he sings, he’ll have a unique expression that hypnotize me, “Thanks God, Glee found this great actor! Haha”.

Well, what I admire most from this story line between Blaine and Kurt is, I always see how Blaine seeing Kurt with his soft eyes, and watching him carefully in lovable ways.

And that time, I was just knew why do Kurt so lucky to have Blaine. Coz Kurt has been patient enough to be silent with all the bullying that he get. And that he never rush for his feeling.

He has been so supportive to Blaine, even when Blaine was fall for someone else at first time.

Kurt has patient enough to wait. And let the time falls. As time goes by, love grows.

“I have been looking for you, forever”, Blaine. :’)

It can Wait

It can wait.
Itulah yang saya lihat dari Glee Season 3.
Tentunya dalam rangka cerita Blaine Anderson dan Kurt Hummel.

The way Blaine see Kurt, his eyes says, I could wait for you. Be patient on you.

So, Blaine always give his heart to Kurt. Whatever Kurt wanna do, he support it. And Kurt support him back. When they have a will, Blaine mau mengalah dan menunggu sampai Kurt siap atau Kurt memiliki waktu.

“I really don’t want to ruin this. He is so great. And he is important to me”, kata Blaine saat Sebastian mendekatinya.

I love the way Kurt show his jealousy, when he catch Blaine having a coffee with a new guy.

And Blaine said, “Sebastian doesn’t have any meaning in my life. I love you”.

So, its kinda beautiful to put our ego aside and start loving somebody with all our heart. Be patient with the person we love, give that person sppace to express themself.

It can wait.


Kalau kamu berpikir, why it seem that aku gak tau malu, then, what else can I do?

Asking things won’t fix up any problems. And if u think I have a problem, I’m on my way to fix it.

Do I regret?
Yes I do.

But what to do with a nonstop crying? It leads to nothing. And what is it about waiting? Coz its just such a waste of time.

A part of being grow up is, stop punishing urself, from the mistakes that u did when u were a child.

Grow up!

Confession of a Hypocrit Mind

I know that all the things that happen in my life is just going to make stronger than I am today.


“Hidup bukanlah tentang seberapa besar kesalahanmu di masa lalu, melainkan bagaimana kamu memperbaiki diri ke depannya”.

Karena kita semua berhak memiliki cita-cita dan masa depan yang mulia.

Karena Tuhan Maha Pemaaf.

Dan karena yang berhak menghukum itu Allah, bukan manusia.

Go, wider ur wings,,


Mungkin terkadang kita terlalu angkuh untuk meminta. Karena kita merasa bisa mengatasi segala.

Mungkin kita kadang terlupa, akan kekuatan do’a.

Ketika kita berlelah-lelah dalam ikhtiar kita, ajaklah Sang Maha Pencipta bergerak bersama kita.

Karena berjuang sendiri itu, capek.