Change Direction

Seseorang itu dimudahkan, atas sesuatu yang untuknya ia diciptakan.

This is happened many many times to me. I have been tiringly, pursue my dream to be a singer. Be on the spot.

Ikut lomba sana sini, latihan vokal sampe cape. But zero result.

And lately I know, the singer life style doent fit me. Hehehe.

Sama hal-nya ketika saya ingin mengikuti seminar bisnis yang teman saya ajak. But the time doesn’t match. Akhirnya saya memaksakan diri hadir, and there u go.

Saya tau bisnisnya macam apa, but again, it doesn’t fit me. Hehehe.

So, its true.
Ketika kita menuju sebuah tempat, namun jalan kita gak mulus, malah nyasar, we better change our direction.

When your heart say no to something, so its a NO.

If something is meant to be with you or belongs to you, it will find a way to you. 🙂


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