It can Wait

It can wait.
Itulah yang saya lihat dari Glee Season 3.
Tentunya dalam rangka cerita Blaine Anderson dan Kurt Hummel.

The way Blaine see Kurt, his eyes says, I could wait for you. Be patient on you.

So, Blaine always give his heart to Kurt. Whatever Kurt wanna do, he support it. And Kurt support him back. When they have a will, Blaine mau mengalah dan menunggu sampai Kurt siap atau Kurt memiliki waktu.

“I really don’t want to ruin this. He is so great. And he is important to me”, kata Blaine saat Sebastian mendekatinya.

I love the way Kurt show his jealousy, when he catch Blaine having a coffee with a new guy.

And Blaine said, “Sebastian doesn’t have any meaning in my life. I love you”.

So, its kinda beautiful to put our ego aside and start loving somebody with all our heart. Be patient with the person we love, give that person sppace to express themself.

It can wait.


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