Because u said so

Yesterday I met some Korean, in an event Kick-off meeting The Enhancement of Cyber Security Capability of Indonesia.

And after having some discussion, I find out that the Contractor Office for this program is take a location in ITB.
A place where I spent my Bachelor Degree. Here goes an interesting conversation…

Mr. Yoon : so, u also ITB alumni?
Me: yes
Mr. Yoon : so, u going to be the next great woman in Indonesia?
Me: ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Me : *confuse* *speechless*
Me : 🙂 Insya Allah

Because u said so.
Okey Mr. Yoon, because u said so, I will be that great woman in Indonesia.
Thank you for giving me this spirit.

I’m going to chase my dream, and however, whatever, I’ll never quit, to be succeed.


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