One night, I have this conversation with my friend’s boss. We weren’t accidentally talk, but off course there is an epilogue.

My friend show me a tricky question that her boss asked, it’s about,
“Do u ever feel like you want to have a miracle in your life?”.

She was silent, and Iasked for her permission, and she allowed me to give a respond to that question.

I answered, “Yes, I do”.

He said, “In life, sometime we want something so bad, and we wish for a miracle that the something we want so bad to be happen”.

“It’s also happen when we looking for our future husband/wife. We want the perfect one to come, we fulfill our heart with hope that miracle will happen. We wish, the God give us someone perfect in our life”, he continued.

I understand that the bigger our hope is, the chance of a disappointment will come hugely.

“We all want to have a miracle. Then why, why not we prepare ourselves to be a miracle? a miracle for our spouse”, he closed the conversation.

I took a while to think.

Be a miracle?
Hm, I want to be that one.



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