An Exit Door

Beyond all the certainty.
I hope Allah SWT at least, give me one answer.

Have you ever be colonized?

Maybe this is the moment of growing up and become nothing.
It is not only scary but also leave me with tears every night.
I should say, this life would be a lot more easier if we get some support.
From family, friends or others.

I’m 25. And I haven’t create any master piece. Not like my other friends do. I envy them the most who doing their passion. Cause I’m stuck in the plan that are made for me. And I don’t brave enough to make a breakthrough.

I just worrying myself.

Is the reason I haven’t been succeed all this time is because I haven’t tried so hard?

Sesungguhnya Allah tidak akan mengubah keadaan sesuatu kaum sehingga mereka mengubah keadaan yang ada pada diri mereka

Maybe this is how it feels to be colonized.
You listen to order, while your heart couldn’t accept it.
Some would say, “Quit!”.
But things are not that easy.

Let say we trapped in a building.
The lift is off. Electricity blackout.
We will be lead to an emergency door.

Life doesn’t have an EXIT door.
It has, but it’s death.

No easy way out.
I heard that a lot when I was in college.
Now I know how it feels.

It’s true.
We have to struggle for what we want.
Bleeding, crying, climbing, screaming to reach what we pursue.
Otherwise, we’ll end up just like this.

It all need sacrifice.

I believe that the God give all the people in this world the same portion of being in a chance to taste a ‘battle’. A battle that let us understand more about ourselves and life.

A battle that will make us a better us.
In the offing.


One Comment Add yours

  1. elvi says:

    Our pain and trouble are temporary, but quitting last forever. Dont quit from your battle, yes? 😀

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