Things about me :)

Hei! Been losing myself for a while and now I come to refresh my mind about it. Just not to lose the child in me, and keep pursuing my dream.

I certainly have so many hobbies. I love the productive one.
And these are the things I like to do!

It’s in my destiny that I love mic, I think I could eat that! hahaha.
Even in my worst mood, if anybody give mic my and I have a sudden call to go MC-ing or singing, I’ll do it!

Singing is sort of my truly hobby, when I sing you could see the true me.
It’s me, @arafpratama, @rinobun and Ian. How I miss them! 🙂

And speaking has become my nature. My little sister always said, “You never tired of talking don’t you?”. And yes! I could speak for hours to hours. That’s why I love doing this: MC-ing and announcing in Radio.

It was when, me, koko @yudhaspiza, and @nonoputri announcing in Salman Digital Radio 2.0

And last!
I like taking photo and be the object of photography. Let’s hunt some! 😉


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