Cheesy Bite

Hai! Before you continue reading, I will warn you that this is going to be a cheesy bite. As we all know we’ve been living or I have been living in this world for many many times, as much as my eyes blink.

Well, more days I live in I discover many cool people around me. How could they hide their charm and living like an ordinary ones? Well, maybe they just want to be like Rasulullah SAW. Rich but have a simple life.

Though, there are so many talent on earth. Don’t know how to survive. Say it a mental block, doesn’t mean I’m not appreciating my life properly but, yeah just how to float above.

It sometime feel like, maybe it’s time for me to chill. Take a seat and watching people around me make a goal. Drink my hot chocolate and have a a bite of my cheese cake. Or going out for sushi.

Ow, dear Lord! I don’t want to waste my money only. I want to create it. But not to worship it.

There are things that hard for me to reach.

And I just want to forgive myself and let me be what I want.
At least for now, I want to forgive myself and live with me fully.
Nobody want to be a loser, neither do I.

I still want to light up this little candle.
Though it doesn’t shine bright. But at least I’m doing something, not just lay down in the couch.


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