An Alibi

It’s just an alibi.
An excuse so we could talk longer.

As we all know. You don’t know?
Ok, here the story. I just started a business for let say, a month.
I’m still in the “who am I?” position when somebody said that he wants to share his business matter.

“I’m a newbie in the business industry. Let’s share some”, he said.
With a spirit of sharing some mutual information, I come confidently to talk a lot with this person. Before the discussion began, I randomly google his name, and find out that..

He is a catfish cultivator with a 50 Million rupiah turnover per month!!!!
I’m so dead.

G, 22:56
Nanti saya mau curhat ah soal bisnis

Me, 22:57
Asik! curhat dong, saya suka dengerin orang cerita

G, 23:21
Saya ditawarin big step dan dikasih modal 5 Miliar.
Bikin galau gak?

Wiw! is that me being an expert or he is showing how humble he is?
5 billion rupiah!!! I don’t know whether I should fix up my sore throat or..
play it cool 🙂

I said,

Me, 23:46
hm, liat opprotunity dan risk-nya.
Obrolin sama tim kamu.  Sanggup ga?

G, 23:47
Sanggup mah sanggup insya Allah. Tapi tetep kudu terukur.
Nah ini galau di ngaturnya itu.

Me, 23:48
Oh, ngatur cash flow dan quality controlnya ya?
Ok, untuk mengatasi hal itu solusi realistisnya harus gimana?

G, 23:49
Cash flow sama demand pasar sih terutama.
Solusi realistisnya kudu bikin PT.
Soalnya ada urusan sama bank dan bank-ability.

Me, 23:50
Trus, kalau bikin PT kendalanya apa?

G, 23:51
Kendalanya saya buta soal per-PT-an, soal pengembalian modal, pajak, dll.

Mon, 23:52
Bisa dipelajari dalam waktu singkat ga?
Berapa lama waktu yang kamu butuhkan untuk membangun PT tersebut?

G, 23:53
Entah berapa lama sih, tapi lagi mempelajari ini juga 😀

Yeah! 😀
What I learn from this conversation is that in any kind or any step, though your business is still in a small range or already getting bigger, you will find what we call challenge. And we have to be able wisely handle that.

Whether you money is much or less, the bigger opportunity and risk will come.
It is not only about being richer but also being productive with what we do. It couldn’t stop just like that at a safe point. No safe point 🙂

And I read this in twitter:
“bisnis itu ibadah niatnya, tebar manfaat, uang itu ngikut”.
I couldn’t agree more.


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  1. Pembela Kebenaran says:

    Obviously an alibi, Ms. Delightful 😉

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