A Rainy Day

A Rainy Day
Author, Sundari Eko Wati

One day, I followed the ITB training in PPMO building that located in Sabuga. It was rainy when I finished my training and thanks GOD,
i brought my umbrella. I opened the exit door and started to feel the air that was so relaxing. I looked at the sky as its blue colour smile to me.

I always like a rainy moment. But i have a problem here, because i feel so tired and the rain was getting hard, i want my dad to pick me up. Since i was a child i always tend to cry when my parents did not pick me up just after i finish my activity out side of home in a day because of my possesiveness. 

That time, i tried a new method of controlling my ego, and  I told myself “You are a mature girl, Ai. Lets act like a mature girl!”.

And then I took a deep breath and release it slowly while saying ‘Hamdalah’, and begun to walk. 

I did my Ashar prayer in Masjid Salman and fel better after praying to GOD, like always. “God, i rodho to you, as u rodho to me”.

And confidently declared “I’ll go home by angkot, GOD!”, with a smiley face. Having my umbrella with me, i run under the rain to the Hale spot, which is located in front of the Borromeus Hospital. Not long after, i stoped an angkot and ride in it quickly. By the time the angkot left the Bus stop, my concentration moved to my stomach-im starving. Then i opened my bag, took my lunch box that i  havent eat yet where inside lay some breads.

My mobile phone rang when i was chewing my slice of bread.
“Dad?” as I looked at the  caller ID that appear on the handphone screen.

“Assalamu’alaykum. Yes Dad?i know that it is rainy but since you didnt gimme any hint of picking me up, i took an angkot”, I answered the call. 

“I can go home by myself,  its OK. Dad, im already in angkot”, I added.

“Im in around Jalan Suci this time, why?” I replied his question.

“U wanna pick me up?” I asked, suprisedly.

“Well, its OK if u wanna pick me up in Cikadut. OK, see you there”,
I said.

“Wa’alaykumussalam” I closed the conversation and the phone hang up.

“Why should he call me” i grumbled myself.

That call suddenly turned my mood off. And i became a bit emotional. 

And Cikadut is not far away from the place where my angkot stopped for a moment to carry other passanger.

“Kiri!” I asked the driver to stop. I down the stairs of angkot and paid the fare. And took some step back. The road is not too wide but there are some spots where cars might park, I looked around to find my daddy’s car. But the result was none.

“Where is he?He is not here, he hasnt come yet” i talked to myself.

I began feel nervous, felt uncomfortable because some ojeg’s driver kept their eyes on me, so I decided to walk. My home is in the housing near Cikadut, 1. 5 km to reach my home from Cikadut, and my home is located in such a valley, where road is not straight like a highway but more like a hill its ups and downs all the way. With my ego, I hope my dad would come quickly and felt bad after seeing me crying because it means he is late, he didnt keep his promise to me. But after several meters, there is no sign of his car, and I felt like i wanna cry.

“Don’t cry, Ai. Come on, keep walking!”, I tried to control myself.

The rain is getting heavy, “Oh GOD, where is he?im so tired,
I wanna go home, I wanna do something with my computer,
I wanna arrive at my home quickly.

“Where is my dad?where is he?” i grumbled again.

And i started talking to myself. “Oh, GOSH! Ai, call your dad, ask him where is he, if he is still at home, just tell him that you are going to go home by ojeg, I think its better than to wait and walk”. “Alright, sure”, I said. I push the my dad number and hear the tone.

“Dad, where are you? Dad? Dad…?”, I asked him curiously.

“O GOSH! He didnt pick up the phone, why?”, I grumbled to myself.
I tried to call him again.

“Dad, where are you? Where? Near the bend? Which bend? But i already walked some meters away from Cikadut. So where are you? OK, do u go from home or your office? OK, I will wait, I’ll wait”, I said. 

“GOSH, he didnt tell me clearly where he is now. Alright its OK, i’ll show him that I can reach home by foot”, I talked to myself again. 

I felt so dissapointed, and lost any will to ask any help from the ojeg’s to take me home. I walked again and there is! Finally! Its my Dad!, I screamed. He passed the road where I stand but he didnt make U turn back home. I got into the car, confused. 

“Where are you going?why are not we going home?” I asked unpatienly.

“We will go to the market near Cikadut first, your little sister want to buy some stuff” my daddy answered.

“Dad, i need to get home fast, I wanna finish my task on my computer”, I tried to tell him politely, urging my right. 

“Oh dear, the electricity is not working, its out off because of the rain, I guess” he answered innocently. 

“WHAT?” I said spontaneously.

I complained deep down in my heart, silently. But my face turned to red. Im waited in the car, while my dad and my little sister went to the market with cheerful steps. Im waited and waited, and looked at my watch. 

“What’s taking them so long?” I asked. At that time I cant hide my dissapointment, Im angered and felt upset. 

“I already walked this far, feel like I wanna reach home soon because I feel so tired, and I was about to take ojeg, but I waited for you, and now we will go back to the place where the angkot dropped me and I cant do anything at home because the electricity is off?O MY GOD! What a justice!”.

“GOD!  What did I do to you?have I done something bad ?I already tried to be a good person today, i tried to trust to you, i tried to be honest, i tried to be discipline on any pray, but why you gimme this? WHY? Where have I done You wrong?” I screamed. 

Feeling so emotional i cried. I cried hard in the car when nobody could hear. Its a very complicated feeling, I felt dissapointed to my dad since the first time he didnt pick me up, but in the other hand, I think it supposed to be me who have to try to understand the reason why he came late, and thats kinda hard. I remembered all the good things that my parents gave to me and blaming them just because of this, just because of my possesiveness is so unfair. But cant I ask only for a justice?

“GOD…” i said in whisper.

Then suddenly i asked myself “Is this what u said that u ridho to Allah?”

“Astagfirullahaladzim!” and quickly, i took my Qur’an fastly, and began to read it. In the first two page, i still cried but I force myself to keep reading. To keep reading. It was so weird then, after sending several pages of Al-Qur’an, I totally stopped crying.

That was a very new experience because before, I never able to stop my tears if Im feeling very dissapointed of something. Its also hard for me to believe because my heart felt calm and fine.

I read the translation of the last page of Al-Qur’an that, it say,
Verily, my Walî (Protector, Supporter, and Helper, etc.) is Allâh Who has revealed the Book (the Qur’ân), and He protects (supports and helps) the righteous(QS. Al-A’raf:196). I took a deep breath, released it slowly while saying ‘hamdalah’ and let my smile bloomed.  I clasped my hand and said “God, i radho to whatever you give to me as u radho to me.

I trust in you, now please let me pray. I pray to you that everything will be fine by the time I reach our home. And i hope the electricity is on. Amin.

Then my daddy and my little sister came into the car, we went home in a good mood. And when we arrived at home, I see that
”Dad! Look! The electricity is working here! The lamp is on! Its amazing!”.

“Thank GOD”.

I felt so happy, I ran into my room, tried to get to my computer as soon as possible, because I want to share what I had experienced today, I want to write down a story of mine, a very wondeful moment that I have just experienced.  

A story of an empirical moment of me and Al-Qur’an.